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What is QA/QC?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are essential components of daily operations at OFRG. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of professional service to our clients. Our proprietary approach application process is developed to ensure our services are designed and produced to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations in the most cost-effective manner. Our goal is to produce favorable results for our clients the first time, providing a safety focused outcome for the agency and a cost-effective benefit for the community.


OFRG QA/QC is intended to prevent and detect errors in performing
project-related tasks and in preparing applications and other documents required by the project. Prevention and detection of errors occurs at various stages of a project.


Project request and applications with impact on public safety are of the
utmost importance and must comply with our established procedures
and QA/QC requirements. All projects must meet strict requirements
and are reviewed and approved by OFRG executive management.


As part of the pre-qualification screening, the sub-consultant or
contractor provides their abilities and other documentation that verifies
the level of experience and training necessary to perform the work.
Other facets of the pre-qualification process may include one or more of
the following:
            • All sub-consultants are required to execute a service agreement with OFRG to provide any services.
            • The sub-consultant or contractor is required to provide evidence of reliability in completing the required tasks. This is done in an attempt to limit time on each project
            • OFRG maintains a file for each sub-consultant and contractor it uses. Each subconsultant and contractor is contacted annually to obtain an updated service agreement.
            • Each prospective sub-consultant or contractor will be familiar with standards and requirements stipulated by OFRG. Standardized procedures developed by OFRG may apply to a project, for which the sub-consultant or contractor will be required to be familiar and will provide evidence of knowledge of the requirements or standards.
            • For projects involving unique issues, OFRG management remains involved to guide sub-consultants in completion of projects to ensure quality remains to standards set forth by the company and clients.

            • OFRG conducts annual reviews and evaluations of its sub-consultants and contractors to verify that their capabilities and resources meet expectations.


OFRG senior staff are responsible for ensuring that all documents
affecting the quality of services are accomplished in accordance with our QA/QC. All personnel are responsible for ensuring that the correct revisions of applications meet industry standards and are used in accordance with customer requirements and satisfaction. Each senior staff member with a lead responsibility, is accountable for all quality controls that define responsibility, authority, issue, use, and revision.
These controls include but not limited to:
            • Format
            • Drafting Standards
            • Clear, Correct, Complete, and Concise Documents
            • Issue and Deadline Date(s)
            • Revisions Updates
            • Records
            • Submissions

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